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VoTrak is a custom software inventory system that utilizes a voice-activated headset, scanner, tablet, and portable computer. By Speaking into a headset and scanning the barcode, the auditor marks the beginning and end of each merchandise section, records item prices, and the number of items at each price. The spoken information is then transmitted wirelessly to a portable computer, then translated into accurate data stored in the AccuTrak inventory management database. VoTrak allows multiple auditors to voice inventories storewide, at the same time. If the auditor suspects a mistake, they can utilize their tablet to review the current data and can then correct it, on the spot (or ‘hands-free”), using verbal commands.

Training new auditors is easy with voiced inventories. Auditor confidence in the system’s recognition is achieved by VoTrak’s “echo” feature.

Our team is here to help train your employees on how to get started with voice queue operation.

If the auditor suspects a mistake, they can utilize their tablet to review the current data and can then correct it, on the spot (or “hands-free”), using verbal commands.

By eliminating manual keying errors, you significantly increase input accuracy. Eliminate the need for 10-key input experience.

With real-time reporting, you are able to monitor auditing while it occurs. Provide in-store reporting instantly.

Each of our scanners come with POS exchange capabilities, that alert the auditor immediately of invalid items and can detect pricing errors.

The VoTrak Advantage

A transparent audit trail

With VoTrak, auditors and supervisors can view their audit trail that shows a record for each item counted, and the order in which each item was logged. Having the capability to view an audit trail on the spot, allows auditors and supervisors to review work for accuracy more efficiently. Transparency is important to us, therefore we welcome our clients to review any part of the audit process for correctness.

Correct errors quickly

Let's face it, EVERY inventory company will make mistakes. The real question is, do they know they made a mistake and do they correct it? Using VoTrak, auditors can hear the count they entered repeated back to them. For example, if they said something incorrectly, the error would be “echoed” back to them, and then they can utilize their tablet to review the current data and can make the correction immediately by using verbal commands.

Efficient auditing

It’s time for a faster inventory management solution! With VoTrak’s all-in-one voice recognition headset and tablet, auditors have less distractions and fast entry times. Since all commands are voiced directly into the microphone and can be viewed on the tablet, both hands are free to count merchandise achieving more accurate results.

Real-time reporting

With VoTrak, store supervisors and managers have more control, with inventory reports sent directly to them when an audit is complete. Once a section has been audited, the store manager has the ability to review a section summary report and, if they choose, look at the audit trails. Upon completion of the inventory, a full and detailed report is reviewed with the manager and is later e-mailed to headquarters or posted to a client specific secure cloud location.

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About VoTrak

10 Years of Field Use

From the experienced AccuTrak Inventory Specialists team, comes a revolutionary way to accurately and quickly track inventory. VoTrak is the perfect tool for retailers with in house auditors. With over 20 years of experience, running a full-service inventory company, we understand the importance of efficient and accurate inventory management. So in 2005 we created VoTrak for our own personal use. After 10 years of software advancements, we are ready to introduce this revolutionary technology.

Support Infrastructure

Have your inventory management all in one place, with software that supports audit scheduling, the exchange of data with POS systems, and generating reports in real time. Our team is on hand to answer questions, troubleshoot issues, and walk you through the VoTrak process.

About Us

VoTrak Inventory Technologies grew out of AccuTrak Inventory, founded by Vince and Judi Perrin. With over 20 years experience in inventory management, Vince and Judi created VoTrak in 2005 to support their day-to-day auditing work.

In 2015, VoTrak Inventory Technologies was created to license the voice-activiated inventory software used on over 10,000 audits to retailers. The company's leadership is composed of both industry-leading inventory experts and technology gurus.