The New Voice In Inventory Tracking and Reporting
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VoTrak Key Features

Voice Recognition = Hands-Free Auditing

VoTrak uses voice recognition for hands-free inventory counting. That means:

  • Improve accuracy to 100% using VoTrak’s Echo feature
  • VoTrak is voice-activated, allowing the system to adapt to the auditor
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Scan-by-Scan Accuracy

Each of our scanners come with full POS data exchange capabilities.

  • Allows auditors to verbally speak and scan items this allows them to maintain a visual contact with the product
  • Invalid products identified and described
  • The capability to identify and flag pricing errors
  • Click here to view an example report PDF
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Reporting Transparency

With VoTrak's real-time reports, you can validate the audit accuracy while the auditors count.

  • Import and export customer databases with easy-to-use interface
  • Provide in-store reporting instantly
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About VoTrak

10 Years of Field Use

From the experienced AccuTrak Inventory Specialists team, comes a revolutionary way to accurately and quickly track inventory. VoTrak is the perfect tool for retailers with in house auditors. With over 20 years of experience, running a full-service inventory company, we understand the importance of efficient and accurate inventory management. So in 2005 we created VoTrak for our own personal use. After 10 years of software advancements, we are ready to introduce this revolutionary technology.

Support Infrastructure

Have your inventory management all in one place, with software that supports audit scheduling, the exchange of data with POS systems, and generating reports in real time. Our team is on hand to answer questions, troubleshoot issues, and walk you through the VoTrak process.

About Us

VoTrak Inventory Technologies grew out of AccuTrak Inventory, founded by Vince and Judi Perrin. With over 20 years experience in inventory management, Vince and Judi created VoTrak in 2005 to support their day-to-day auditing work.

In 2015, VoTrak Inventory Technologies was created to license the voice-activiated inventory software used on over 10,000 audits to retailers. The company's leadership is composed of both industry-leading inventory experts and technology gurus.